Twitter DogHouse

Social networking with Twitter is great except when the people you follow pollute your feed with sponsored spam, political flamewars, and live-tweets of some show or event you don't care about. With this app you can unfollow them, tell them they are being annoying, and re-follow them after a specified amount of time.

How does it work

Select the user

Upon signing in with Twitter, you can search the people you follow and choose someone to put in your DogHouse.

Add to DogHouse

Specify the length of the punishment and set (optional) tweets to be sent to the user when inserting and releasing from your DogHouse.

Automatically release from DogHouse

The user will be automatically re-followed after the expiration of the time that you specify.

Add To Your DogHouse Right Within Twitter


@TwitDoghouse JureStern 5d You're going in my doghouse because you are yapping too much.


The user JureStern will be unfollowed and the following tweet will be sent from your Twitter account: "@JureStern You're going in my doghouse because you are yapping too much." In 5 days JureStern will be re-followed.


It may take up to 10 minutes for your automated DogHouse insertion request to be processed.